He is very expert in this; no doubt, excellente the expertise master; expert of Dairy Training & give asnwer corretly; he knows how to train and how to deal with the people and has a lot of knowledge; mastering the subject; very good training due to it related with our factory (general) & my job (special). Also it can improve knowledge of our operators or others low level.

Dutch Lady, Jakarta

Training Course High End Dairy Technology Specialist Fons Michielsen

You work in any dairy factory and you need a training course. Not just a basic one, but a training course for experts. From an expert. Not long-lasting, but to-the-point. Maybe a specific topic whithin your production line. Or maybe specific questions of your staff members related to production. Or a combi of these.

Like always, preparation is key. So I suggest a three step approach. I want to know exactly what you are looking for. Your situation, background and the experience of your staff. Just a transfer of information or rather discussions. Interactive or straightforward.

Based on the information, I will setup a training course. Again, a course as short as possible. Maybe a few hours, maybe a day. If required a bit more. Before delivery we need to agree on content and form.

Finally I will deliver the training course.

Travelling is an issue these days. But we became confident lately with video conferencing. Saving costs, saving environment. My thing.