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Training Course for Decision Makers Dairy Technology

You are the manager of a dairy factory or maybe of a dairy company. You have the final responsibility for so many fields. For each field you have specialists: production, HR, QA/QC, marketing, finances and so on. You rely on them. You must.

You cannot afford to waste time to consider the details nor to understand the details. But production is the core of your business. You can rely on production specialists, but you cannot waver your responsibilities.

You prefer to discuss matters rather than accepting their view. Asking smart questions instead of then agreeing beforehand. You want to trigger your staff to come up with great solutions, but you have no dairy technology background. Unfortunately, so you would like to know the main issues of the production. Not the buildings or the name of the equipment, but rather the things that matter.

You would like to really understand how your decisions will affect the production on the long run and how these decisions will affect finances, marketing, QA/QC and HR. A real understanding of the production process. At your moment. Tailored to your situation.